Blocking the Right

  • Disrupting Anti-Trans Advocacy and Promoting Inclusive Feminism

    For nearly four decades, PRA has been committed to challenging anti-LGBTQ movements by exposing tactics of the Christian Right through research and analysis.  Since 2013, PRA has prioritized research and tracking of attacks on transgender communities to support activists leading the fight for national and global transgender rights and justice. As the U.S. Christian Right …

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  • Challenging Far-Right Sheriffs

    By examining the documented roles that 404 sheriffs play in far-right and anti-immigrant movements, PRA research identified a logic countering much of the framing around the far right as extremist, radical, or fringe.

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  • Keeping Our Movements Safe and Our Organizers Focused

    The Summer of 2020 ushered in a new era of racial justice uprising; a mobilization of millions of people across the country demanding an end to anti-Black state violence. The Movement for Black Lives and racial justice organizers, who have been on the ground long before 2020, responded to this unique historic moment.

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  • Revealing the Antisemitism at the Core of White Nationalism

    PRA worked within the U.S. Left to build solidarity around the analysis that Jewish activism and Black, Muslim, and immigrant activism are united in a mission to weaken and block the White nationalist movement and its foremost champion President Donald Trump.

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  • Exposing A Secretive Christian Nationalist Agenda

    PRA assembled a coalition of partners, including American Atheists, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom to name a few, to form BlitzWatch: a campaign to monitor, track, and defeat attempts by Christian Nationalists to implement their dominionist vision for the United States.

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