Disrupting Anti-Trans Advocacy and Promoting Inclusive Feminism

For nearly four decades, PRA has been committed to challenging anti-LGBTQ movements by exposing tactics of the Christian Right through research and analysis. 

Since 2013, PRA has prioritized research and tracking of attacks on transgender communities to support activists leading the fight for national and global transgender rights and justice.

As the U.S. Christian Right increased its platforming of anti-trans feminists, PRA saw an important opportunity to partner with transgender-led organizations to identify, challenge, and provide training on anti-trans rhetoric (such as the denying of trans people’s access to gendered public facilities and resources) to feminist and women’s organizations.

In the past two years, PRA has trained over 100 organizations, including the Strong Families Network, offering tools and resources to accomplish two objectives: 1) countering anti-trans rhetoric rooted in feminism, and 2) situating anti-trans movements within the Christian Right.

Alongside our trainings, PRA published analytical pieces on anti-trans feminist activism, culminating in a comprehensive three-year retrospective of anti-trans feminist legislative advocacy that demonstrates how anti-trans feminists are only successful when they function as a mouthpiece for the Christian Right. In 2020, PRA Senior Research Analyst Heron Greenesmith, the author of the retrospective, gave a public presentation on disrupting anti-trans feminist advocacy to kick-off PRA’s webinar series.

PRA continues to counter anti-trans rhetoric through tailored trainings that support transgender justice and promote intersectional feminist framing. The next phase of Greenesmith’s research will focus on interrogating and challenging White feminist practices platformed by the Christian Right with a particular focus on anti-sex work feminism  and gender critical conversation therapy. 

Ensuring the safety and inclusion of transgender community members, particularly transgender people of color, is critical to the broader social justice movement. PRA is committed to continuing this work as we fight for a multiracial, inclusive feminist democracy.