Gender, Sexual, and Reproductive Justice

PRA believes that this moment should be a wake up call for the gender and reproductive justice field. If the decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973 was a nadir point for the reproductive and sexual health and rights movement for the Christian Right, they very effectively regrouped and built out new strategies and tactics to counteract that loss.

The current, frontal assault on reproductive and gender justice, including abortion access in state legislatures, the revision of Title IX guidelines, the roll back of LGBTQ protections, and the packing of the federal judiciary from the SCOTUS downward with anti-abortion judges all signal a human rights setback, especially for poor Black and Brown women whose ability to exercise bodily autonomy will be compromised for decades to come. Yet the stakes are even higher than this. These misogynist assaults result from the rise of Christian Nationalism as a cultural and political movement that, along with racial and ethnic nationalism and severe economic inequality, threaten the very survival of liberal democracy.

PRA’s long-term goal is to turn back and forestall the rise of theocratic and nationalist movements and to build momentum for the alternative of real, inclusive, feminist, multi-racial democracy that centers equity and human rights, and in particular for gender, sexual, and reproductive justice. Building on our decades-long experience and expertise on Christian Right and oppositional movements, PRA engages a variety of actors to achieve this goal, including social justice movement leaders focused on gender, racial and economic justice, faith leaders, journalists and media makers, other think tanks, advocacy organizations, and the broader public.