With Donor Activists

PRA Founder Jean Hardisty played a crucial role as a consultant to the Women Donors Network, an organization dedicated to advancing a just, equitable, and sustainable world by leveraging the wealth, power, and community of progressive women donors. Now, PRA carries on her legacy by teaching individual and organizational donors on how best to use their money to strategically undermine the Right. For example, PRA’s partnerships with organizations like Resource Generation and Solidaire Network are aimed at reaching high net-worth individuals with giving strategies that weaken and block the Right.

PRA also offers specific political education for donors, such as our September 2021 funder report on White nationalism in New York State. This briefing focuses on movement needs and how best to develop strategies that invest in infrastructure for movement groups to block White nationalist threats and build resilience, crafted with the intention for funders to share and replicate strategies across geographies. Additionally, this winter PRA will be launching a pilot multi-part series on Christian Zionism as an intentional space for progressive donors to strengthen their analysis and confront barriers to their philanthropic practices grounded in solidarity with and liberation of communities of color.

Our funders, whether large organizations or individual donors, make up the financial backbone of PRA and enable us to continue to build a more just and inclusive democratic society.